Disaster-Resilient Inspirational Stories from Central Sulawesi

After the 2018 Central Sulawesi Tsunami, Yayasan Care Peduli (YCP) provided opportunities for vulnerable groups such as women, youth, and persons with disabilities to restore their livelihoods, increase food security, strengthen family nutrition, and mitigate or reduce disaster risk.

The 4 villages assisted YCP are villages that are vulnerable to disasters, two villages in Donggala Regency, namely Tompe and Lompio Villages, and two villages in Sigi Regency, namely Bolapapu and Mataue.

The Central Sulawesi Program from the outset has been designed to contribute support with the hope that the results can support vulnerable groups to move forward, and inspire others in economic improvement, food security, nutrition, and disaster risk reduction.

Hopefully their stories can inspire us all that in the midst of adversity there is still hope and resilience.