Tuna Shredded Ibu Nunu

Rising from the slump of the 2018 Tsunami, Ibu Nunu started tuna shredded business in Donggala

Mrs. Nur Ainun (Ibu Nunu) who lives in Tanjung Padang Village, Donggala, has started a tuna shredded processing business since 2020. YCP and Karsa Institute with the program for Restoring the Livelihoods of People affected by the disaster have conducted training activities for processing marine fishery products for residents of Tanjung Padang Village or projects Mofalux.

Before the earthquake and tsunami disaster occurred on September 28, 2018, Mrs. Nunu was selling yellow rice in the elementary school canteen every day. The disaster has made her business slump because the equipment has been damaged and lost, as well as the capital that has been exhausted to survive.

Ibu Nunu would like to thank YCP and Karsa for helping them recover their lives after being hit by the disaster 3 years ago. According to Ms. Nunu, a number of women’s small businesses in Tanjung Padang Village have been assisted and are currently recovering from adversity and are able to develop.