Provision of Nutritious Food Supplement (PMT) Recovery activity in the West Sumbawa Regency

Hi #sobatpeduli, do you know what PMT Recovery is?

PMT Recovery is an activity of provisioning nutritious food supplement for children and also pregnant women with chronic energy deficiency (KEK). PMT Recovery for children is carried out for 90 days with the aim of ensuring the child’s growth and development is according to age; following the increasing of child’s weight and height. Meanwhile, PMT Recovery for pregnant women with chronic energy deficiency is carried out for 30 days to meet their nutritional (energy) needs.

PMT Recovery is part of the Acceleration of Stunting Reduction Program in West Sumbawa Regency, West Nusa Tenggara; which is a collaboration effort between PT Amman Mineral Nusa Tenggara (@ammanmineral) and Yayasan CARE Peduli. This activity was carried out for 90 days started from 17 December 2022 in 16 villages in 3 sub-districts of Jereweh, Maluk and Sekongkang.

The implementation of PMT Recovery activities is carried out by the DASHAT (Healthy Kitchen to Overcome Stunting) Team.

This is the story of the DASHAT Team in Bukit Damai Village, Maluk sub-district; where DASHAT Team personnel doing various activities every day, starting from shopping for local ingredients at the market, then processing them into a healthy food menu that meets the recommended dietary allowance, to distributing them to the homes of program participants.