Accompanied by the Kartini Manakarra Foundation, the YCP team, represented by T. Khairil Azmi, Nurhasdiana and Agus Triwahyuono visited the Governer to provide information regarding the early recovery activities of the Mamuju and Majene earthquake by carrying out activities in 2 sectors, namely AMPL (Water Supply and Sanitation) and Temporary Housing. This activity will be carried out in Mamuju District (Takandeang Village) and Majene District (Kayuangin Village, Mekkatta Village and South Mekkatta Village).
In the AMPL sector, YCP will build toilets specifically for women and people with disabilities, and also make drinking water filtering facilities. While in temporary housing, together with the village community, they will repair 689 houses into decent, safe and dignified temporary housing.
In addition, YCP also performed socialization activities with the villagers on the early earthquake recovery activities in Takandeang Village, Mamuju Regency. These activities involved village heads, village communities, youth organizations and also vulnerable groups such as women, the elderly and the disabled to speak up.