Yayasan CARE Peduli (YCP) is currently engaged in the construction of a Waste Management Site – Reuse, Reduce, Recycle (TPS-3R) in Ciagel Village, Kibin District, Serang Regency. This TPS-3R facility will serve 3 villages namely: Ciagel, Kibin, and Sukamaju. The primary objective of TPS-3R is to empower the community with a secure, sustainable, and climate change-resilient waste management solution. In addition, YCP extends its support to Community Self-Help Groups (KSM) in their waste management effort.

Yunus, Head of Ciagel Village, said that TPS-3R will optimize the existing waste management in the village. He is optimistic that TPS-3R will operate smoothly, especially in the Puri Tambak Gemilang Residential area, because the community already display a high level of awareness on the negative impacts of inadequate waste management.

Through the Climate-Resilient Community Based Water Supply and Waste Management (CFM) Program, YCP provides capital support of 2.4 million Rupiah to each village to develop a Waste Bank group business. The allocated funds are utilized to purchase supporting equipment such as garbage scales, garbage storage containers, and plastic bin.

Furthermore, the clean water facility, which was previously under construction, has commenced its operations. There is a total of 34 House Connections (SR) in the three villages. The ownership of all constructed clean water facilities and Refill Drinking Water Depots rests with the local Village Government. The management of these facilities is entrusted to the Drinking Water Supply Facility Management Group (KPSPAM).

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