Recover Together After 2018 Earthquake, Kaluku Belo Community Enterprise Produces Coconut Oil

The Kaluku Belo Community Enterprise group is one of the community groups assisted by YCP in partnering with ROA at Tanjung Padang Village, Sirenja District, Central Sulawesi as a part of the Livelihood Recovery Program the Tsunami and Earthquake in Central Sulawesi in 2018.

This group has 30 members from 3 villages. After receiving assistance, including coconut fiber decomposing machines, coconut grating machines, as well as enterprise training and knowledge training on coconut products, they have produced coconut oil, virgin coconut oil (VCO) an average of 300 litters per month. In addition, they also produce cocopeat which can be used as an alternative planting medium.

Mr. Ihlas (center) who is the Group Leader said that this assistance was very beneficial for the local community so that the affected villagers could rise again after the earthquake.

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