COVID-19 Response

Cases of COVID-19 continues to rise, reaching more than 4,000 cases per day. Apart from safety issues, this pandemic has also exacerbated the economic disparities in society that has already existed before the outbreak. As the COVID-19 outbreak in Indonesia develops, CARE Indonesia is stepping up COVID-19 response to protect and assist communities who are severely affected by the pandemic.

CARE Indonesia moves to provide protection and prevention of the spread of COVID-19 by providing a variety of risk communication materials, hand washing facilities, protective equipment such as PPE and masks, hand soap and sanitizer. We also provide COVID-19 Task Force protective equipment and high protein food for health workers, facilitating the setting up of community-based isolation facilities and trainings for health workers.

We also focused on responding to the challenges faced by vulnerable communities, especially women, children and the elderly, such as the burden of caring for others, exposure to a higher risk of infection, and the economic vulnerability due to the impact of COVID-19. CARE Indonesia responds with efforts to mitigate economic impacts, by providing assistance to ensure food security, working with local FinTech to ensure efficient food distribution, giving financial assistance to restore the incomes of those affected, and being at the forefront of addressing the increasing threat of gender-based violence.

Help us to support those who are at most risk to the impacts of COVID-19.