Let's collaborate!

CARE is proud to partner with some of the most outstanding and successful companies and individuals to find victories over poverty and empower women and girls. Join us to invest in innovative, scalable, impactful, community-based solutions.

Cause Related Marketing

Be socially responsible and amplify our impacts by positively engage your customers with a cause. Align your business purpose and support social causes with us through your brands and marketing campaigns to invest in a better future for Indonesia.

Social Campaigns

Collaborate with us for events, co-branding partnership, or employee engagements to support our programs by raising awareness together through meaningful conversations

Corporate Partners for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability programs

Strengthen your commitment to sustainability and ethical practices by supporting our fight against poverty. We are open for CSR programs and sustainability programs to amplify your company’s positive impacts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals

We are always open for partnership opportunities. If you are interested, kindly send us a message by filling the form below or contact us on WhatsApp

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