In line with CARE’s Agenda 2030, our mission is to contribute to poverty reduction and social justice in Indonesia, working with partners in government, civil society organizations, social movements, the private sector and donors.  Through our humanitarian and development programs and partnerships in Indonesia, our work reflects:

  • Humanitarian action that addresses both response and
    preparedness with a focus on women and girls.

  • Promoting lasting change and innovative solutions
    through building capacities and resilience.

  • Multiplying impact by using evidence, learning and
    innovation to influence broader change.

We aim to contribute to poverty reduction and social justice through two pillars:  Gender Justice and Social Inclusion and Disaster Risk Management. 

Consistent with the Sustainable Development paradigm, our programme strategy adopts a “HOLISTIC RESLIENCE” to ensure cohesiveness of our interventions that ultimately will build communities’ resilience and enable them to equally enjoy the benefits of development. We believe that any development (or humanitarian recovery) programmes should address issues and challenges that have the risks to impact on communities and institutions’ resilience – whether socially, economically, ecologically.

Through a holistic resilience approach, our programming adopts an integrated approach to address identified issues to ensure robust and sustained results, that balance mutually-reinforcing relationships between economic growth, environmental management and social equity with gender equality at the center of this approach. 

Our Footprint

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