Central Sulawesi Recovery

Resilient Livelihood Project for the
Poor and Vulnerable Disaster-Affected

Resilient Livelihood Project for the Poor and Vulnerable Disaster-Affected Household aims to accelerate the recovery of communities’ livelihood and to improve their preparedness and resilience to future disasters and risks from climate change impacts in Sigi and Donggala district of Central Sulawesi. The program started in February 2020 and aimed to reach 370 vulnerable households.

Through series of training on hydroponic farming methods, distribution of fishing equipment for fishermen, and the development of small-scale household businesses, the program attempts to target poor and vulnerable households with a very minimum capital to be able to recover from the devastating disaster they experienced. The program will empower communities in the targeted area with the necessary knowledge and strategies to cope with disaster and risks of climate change impacts by increasing their capacity to adapt, diversify, and secure their livelihoods.

DEC Indonesia Tsunami Appeal
Phase II

DEC Phase II, which runs for 12 months since October 2019, aims to improve community’s livelihood and hygiene practices in Sibado, Balentuma, Tompe, and Lende Tovea village in Donggala Regency, Central Sulawesi. The program’s outcome is for affected population to have access to safe drinking water, adequate sanitation facilities and practice good hygiene behaviours through its WASH programs. The program also promotes diversification of livelihoods, for the affected population to be able to achieve productive and sustainable livelihoods that secure their access to basic needs as part of their recovery from the recent disaster. The activity of the program includes assistance in improving the agriculture sector and small-medium enterprises through investing in equipment for starting their businesses and training in business development.  

Increased Resilience through Climate
Smart / Disaster Proof Nutrition Sensitive
Value Chains in Central Sulawesi

As part of the resilient livelihood project for the poor and vulnerable disaster-affected household, this program aims to reach 540 women and girls and 36 Women and Youth groups from the most affected communities by the disaster. The program aims to restore the livelihoods of the tsunami-affected communities through creating Community Enterprise Facilities (CEF) to provide an opportunity for women’s and youth groups to re-establish or establish new livelihoods, which contribute to improved food security for the communities and disaster prevention in Donggala District and Sigi District, Central Sulawesi.

Post-Earthquake and tsunami recovery
of the affected population of Central

Together with a local partner, the program aims to recover community livelihoods affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Central Sulawesi. It includes the recovery of sustainable livelihoods in the SME, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries and Coastal sectors, by providing the capital needed by 160 most vulnerable people or heads of households affected by the earthquake and tsunami in Donggala and Sigi regencies. It includes the distribution of seeds for the agriculture sector, livestock such as pigs and cows in targeted villages, fishermen boats for fishermen in the area, and assistance in the development of Small Medium Enterprises.