Assisting Children in Learning Without Violence

In early 2022, PROSPER II held a meeting for parents of little doctors with the theme “Accompanying Children to Learn Without Violence.” The basis of this activity is how during the COVID-19 pandemic, children learn online and interactions with families are very large as long as they accompany children to learn without violence. This activity is part of the Little Doctor activities. Where this meeting has two major goals, namely to build understanding of the Little Doctor’s parents or guardians in providing non-violent assistance either at home or in the environment where the Little Doctor lives, as well as equalizing perceptions and building partnerships between teachers and parents so that parents can accompany their children in learning activities at home in an interesting way and without violence.

Participants who attended the meeting were parents or guardians of Little doctors. Most of them, have never received education about mentoring with the theme “Accompanying Children to Learn Without Violence”. Therefore, the participants really appreciated this meeting, especially the interest in information about the impact of errors in the way of mentoring children’s learning at home that cause trauma to children in the future.

This meeting also involved participants outside the PROSPER school, namely in Bone Regency presenting village officials and several Community-Based Integrated Child Protection Coordinators (PATBM) at village level, while in Serang Regency presenting the Banten Children’s Forum. The Bone team and the PATBM team have prepared a follow-up plan that focuses on cadre formation, socialization and empowerment to village residents, while the Banten Children’s Forum can be a motivation for Little Doctors to become agents of change in their living environment or among their peers.

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